Optometric Glaucoma Foundation Meeting

4th Annual Educators Program September 12, 2020 

8:20am Introduction 

8:30-10:30am Don Hood, PhD 

An OCT Approach to understanding and Detecting Glaucomatous Damage: What can we learn about glaucomatous damage and what are the implications for the clinician? Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) allows the optic nerve/retinal nerve fiber layer/macula region to be examined in detail. This lecture will discuss how to analyze OCT scans and recognize when glaucomatous damage is present. The ways that OCT results correlate with perimetric findings will be discussed and how to use each test when evaluating whether the person has developed glaucomatous damage. 

10:30-11am Break 

11am-1pm Thom Freddo, OD, PhD 

Foundations of Glaucoma: Anterior Segment, Part I The last ten years have witnessed significant changes in our understanding of how aqueous outflow occurs and rendered a whole new understanding of outflow resistance is created. It has also provided new insights into structural changes that likely contribute to elevation of IOP in POAG. This talk will bring you up to date on these many developments and also review the cellular and molecular mechanisms of action of the major classes of drugs we use to treat glaucoma, including the new Rho-kinase inhibitors. Much has changed. If you thought that pilocarpine worked by pulling on the scleral spur, come find out why that is likely incorrect. 

1-2pm Break 

2-3pm Thom Freddo, OD, PhD 

Foundations of Glaucoma: Anterior Segment, Part II 

3-4pm Peter Lalle, OD 

Examining the Optic Nerve As optical coherence tomography has become an important tool in evaluating the back of the eye, the skill of examining the optic nerve is becoming a lost art. This talk will discuss the importance and process of examining the optic nerve/retinal nerve fiber layer and using stereo slides, describe the steps in how to evaluate the back of the eye. 

4-5pm Glaucoma Educators’ Discussion 

Moderated by: Murray Fingeret, Michael Chaglasian, and Richard Madonna 

This session will be an interactive discussion among the educators. Topics include How is glaucoma being taught in the classroom and labs? What new and innovative methods are being implemented? What works and what needs refinement? What are the “essential elements” and how to incorporate them into the teaching of clinical management?