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Annual Events

Annual Meeting 2024

The Optometric Glaucoma Society’s signature event is our Annual Scientific and Educational meeting, held each fall, prior to the annual meeting for the American Academy of Optometry.

The purpose of this meeting is to educate members and guests of the OGS on the latest developments in glaucoma research and management. The format allows for extensive and lively discussion, following each topic section. The program is designed to allow for adequate time for the audience to engage with the world-renowned speakers that have been invited to the meeting.

The Audience in attendance at OGS meetings consists of members of the OGS, as well as guests (guests must be approved by a member). OGS Membership is limited to those who have made substantial contributions to glaucoma management, either scientifically or educationally; our members are clinicians and research scientists, which makes for a unique audience, not commonly seen in other optometry education meetings.

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8th Annual Glaucoma Educators Meeting

The Glaucoma Educators Program is an educational activity, intended for individuals who teach glaucoma related courses to optometric students and residents in the schools and colleges of optometry. The OGS funds the travel and lodging costs for one faculty member from each school of optometry to attend; additional faculty members from each school are invited. OGS Members are also invited to attend.

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Resident’s Meeting

The Residents’ Meeting is an opportunity for a select group of residents to enhance their knowledge and skills in diagnosing and managing glaucoma. The full day program is administered by the Optometric Glaucoma Society with the goal of providing an intimate and advanced learning experience for residents interested in glaucoma. Participation is limited; interested residents are encouraged to apply. All travel expenses (air fare, travel to/from airport) lodging and meals) will be covered.

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