Glaucoma 2020

Program Description

Glaucoma 2020 is a webinar-based, national glaucoma education program, coordinated by the Optometric
Glaucoma Society (OGS). The program is designed for optometrists who have a desire for a more in-depth and
long-term clinical care experience with glaucoma. ODs will receive clinical care advice for whatever type/stage
of glaucoma patient they encounter; leading to increased confidence and an ability to manage a greater
number of glaucoma at more advanced levels of disease.
The majority of material will be Case Based discussion with other educational resources provided, including
relevant articles, evidenced based materials, videos, etc. This is a six month-long program directed towards the
management of glaucoma.

The 2021 program will begin the week of April 19th, 2021

• Interactive, online mentorship with OGS faculty
• Zoom Online platform, Small groups
• Monthly, evening programs for 45‐90 minutes
• 6 sessions during 2021
• Case based, Problem Based, Learning focused
• Information Readings, Videos, etc. provided
• Opportunity for participants to bring (upload) cases
• Get your questions about glaucoma care answered by an expert
• Follow a guided tutorial to improve your skills
• Participants expected to commit to the full duration of the program
• No Cost